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Endotracheal Tube [Cuffed]
Cuffed Endotracheal Tube
Non-toxic, medical grade PVC material; Clear, soft and
High volume, low pressure cuff, maintains seal throughout ventilator cycle.
X-ray detective line available.
Thermosensitive PVC allows the tube to soften at body temperature to conform to airway anatomy.
Clear PVC tube with visible markings for easy observation.
Murphy Eye smoothly formed to allows ventilation in the event of obstruction of the end of the tube during intubation;
A full range of standard sized to meet most of your
Sterile / Disposable / Individual Packed.

Endotracheal Tube [Plain]
Plain Endotracheal Tube
Made up of non toxic, clear, transparent, thermoresistant medical grade PVC.
Fitted with standard 15 mm connector for attachments
to all standard ventilator circuits in operation theatres or intensive care units.
Graduated markings to display distance from the tip.
Well marked to indicate the size (internal diameter
in mm, outer diameter in mm)
Nasoral tip suitable for nasal/ oral inhabitation.
Sterile/ Disposable/ Individual Packed.