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Ventilator Breathing Circuit [PLAIN / EXPANDABLE]
Venturi Mask [Multi Flow]

Venturi Mask [Multi Flow]
A- 3027-3028
Ventilator Circuit is the gas pathway connecting patients lung to the mechanical is essential that Circuit should be highest quality in order to ventilate patient correctly,efficiently and safely. We offers wide range of circuit with ISO standard connectors to suit most of the ventilator and humidifier.
Breathing Circuit is made of EVA. The corrugated tubes have a good flexibility and bending resistance, not meander, not broken, that mechanical ventilation in the process smooth gas supply.
Breathing Circuit uses standard connector that is simple convenience in clinic.
Be made of medical-grade PVC, 100% latex free.
Sterile / Disposable / Individual Packed
Size : Adult / Paediatric
Types Available
Plain Ventilator Circuit
Expandable Ventilator Circuit 

Ventilator Circuit with Single Water Trap

Ventilator Circuit with Double Water Trap

Options Available
With or Without Port
With or Without “Y” - Piece