Bain Circuits
A - 3026

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  • Bain Circuit offered comprises co-axial modification of basic T-piece system which has been developed for facilitating scavenging of waste anesthetic gases.
  • As a tube carrying fresh gas, it travels inside outer reservoir tube to endotracheal tube connector.
  • The process includes patient inspiring fresh gas from the outer reservoir tube and expiring into reservoir tube.
  • Adult: It is based on Mapleson D system, provided with 22 mm corrugated tube, expiratory valve and 2 litre antistatic bag.
  • Pediatric : It is based on Mapleson F system, provided with 15 & 10 mm corrugated tube with a 0.5 Itr antistatic Rebreathing Bag and a bag bleed valve.
  • Sterile / Disposable / Individually Packed.