Breathing Filters
A - 3029

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  • Breathing Filters are used in respiratory support equipment such as life support and human ventilation machine, fitted in the airway between equipment and patient. The removal of bacteria from the air breathed in the hospital environment is critical in the protection of the patients, other hospital personnel and breathing support equipment Filters utilize hydrophobic membrane & synthetic media that provide barrier & electrostatic filtration with bacterial & vital removal efficiency higher than 99.99% accomplished with extremely low resistance to airflow. The HMW Keeps moisture retention and warming of inhaled air, filter design in different sizes with C02 monitoring port, facilitate use one wider range of patients.
  • Products features: Clear housing. Low flow resistance High filtration efficiency. High heat & humidity level, C02 Mentoring level. Port Sterile package.
  • Size: Adult, Paediatric
  • Sterile / Disposable / Individually Packed.