Blood Transfusion Sets
T-1019 to 1023

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  • For transfusion of blood or blood components.
  • Super smooth kink resistance tubing ensures uniform flow rate.
  • Clear, Transparent & Flexible Drip Chamber with sharp and easy piercing Spike.
  • With 200 micron blood filter.
  • Smooth Roller Clamp Facilitates easy, safe control and adjustment of fluid rates.Sterile / Disposable / Individually Packed.


  • Double Chamber or Single Chamber.
  • With or Without Airvent.
  • With or Without Needle.
  • With or Without "Y" Connection.
  • With or Without Luer Lock.
  • Available with DEHP Free Material.
  • Tube Length : 150cms, 180cms, 200cms.
  • Size : Adult, Child.
Vented Single Chamber,Injection Bulb & Luer Lock
Non Vented, Double Chamber & Injection Bulb