Single Dial Venturi Mask

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  • Super smooth kink resistance tubing ensures uniform flowrate. Smooth and feathered edge of face mask for patient comfort and reducing irritation points.
  • Adjustable elastic strip and integrated nose clip for proper positioning of mask.
  • Single Dial Venturi masks are devices that are constructed to supply oxygen or other gases to an individual.
  • There are two Oxygen diluters, one(White) for 24%, 26%, 28% and 30%,while the other (Green) is for 35%, 40% or 50%. The appropriate percentage of Oxygen can be ■ selected setting by the indicator of the diluter.
  • Transparent (green or white) plastic masks also leave the face visible, allowing care providers to better ascertain patients' conditions.
  • Proximal end of tube is connected with funnel shape connector for easy connection with oxygen source.
  • Star lumen main tube to avoid accidental blockage.
  • Tube Length : 210cm.
  • Size : Adult & Paediatric.
  • Available with DEHP free Material. Sterile / Disposable / Individually Packed.